AndyScoggin (Matt Shifman)

AndyScoggin at the Monmouth Park paddock

AndyScoggin (Matt Shifman) has had a passion for thoroughbred racing his entire life.  Monmouth Park has always been home base.  Secretariat’s performance in the 1973 Belmont triggered my love for racing.  To this day Chic Anderson’s “tremendous machine” race call triggers emotion.

I am a featured blogger for  “Racing at the Jersey Shore” covers the racing scene at Monmouth Park and “A New York State of Racing” discusses NYRA.  I also vote for the Top 10 Thoroughbreds in the NTRA polls at  “AndyScoggin in NJ” will be blogging about thoroughbred racing.

5 Responses to AndyScoggin (Matt Shifman)

  1. Elaine says:

    I read your April 2nd article about going to Monmouth Park with Riley. This is a really wonderful story and I’m glad that you shared it. My son also has autism and we go there as well. Hopefully we will run into you some time. Matt likes to walk every inch of the park so we rarely get to sit. We get a work out and watch the horses. I am a volunteer at Eden and Matt is on the waiting the list. It’s a small world. My husband and I have had a love of race horsing going back more than 25 years. Monmouth Park is beautiful and is our local favorite.

  2. Elaine says:

    (Also, I’m wondering if we already met a few years ago at the Schafer School of Gymnastics in Lawrenceville, N.J. I took my son for a makeup day on a Saturday morning. I believe I may have spoken to you and your wife)

  3. andyscoggin says:

    Thanks for your kind comments about my Autism Awareness article. That article was a labor of love in which I got to combine my love for racing and my son. I had never written about autism and I thought that it was finally time. Please feel free to share it with anyone.

  4. LindaVA says:

    Hi Matt – Since you are a fan of Elmhurst I wanted to be sure you saw this…

    LindaVA (from Brooklyn Backstretch)

  5. andyscoggin says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing that Elmhurst link!

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