Day 71 – Sunday, October 30, 2011

The storm did not seem to be nearly as bad at Monmouth Park as it was a mere 30 minutes north and inland at my house.  This morning the track is already good, so I guess it would be a great day to go Monmouth.  Here is today’s $36 Place Pick 6 ticket: 1,2 with 4,8,9 with 5,6 with 1,3,6 with 2 with 4,5.  Keep in mind that today is an eight race card so the PP6 begins in race 3. Belmont has cancelled the last card of their Fall Championship Meeting, so Monmouth as the action today.

UPDATE – 4:45pm – Two in a row for AndyScoggin.  Some better prices in today’s PP6 yielded a payoff of $71.45.  That is the 14th time that AndyScoggin has hit the PP6 at Monmouth and second time hitting two in a row. Today’s $35.45 profit brings the total for the meeting to +$242.

Yesterday marked the 13th time we hit the Place Pick 6 at Monmouth.  With yesterday’s profit of $82.40 AndyScoggin is guaranteed to be in the black for the entire meeting.  That is an accomplishment of which I am quite proud.  Not an easy thing to do with a multi-race  wager.  Hopefully we can hit at least once more.  To the left is the spreadsheet that shows all of the PP6 wagers from this summer/fall.


About andyscoggin

Matt Shifman, the man behind AndyScoggin, is a featured blogger covering NYRA and Monmouth Park for "Racing at the Jersey Shore" covers the racing scene at Monmouth Park and "A New York State of Racing" will discuss NYRA. Matt votes for the Top 10 Thoroughbreds in the NTRA Polls at www.NTRA/polls.
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