Horses and Autism: April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day

My son Riley likes to go to the racetrack.  Going to Monmouth Park is part of our summer weekend routine that usually includes a visit to a water playground that is a short distance from the track.  Like most kids he really enjoys these activities, but if you were there you would quickly notice Riley.  He is the one at the spray ground that doesn’t play with other children but he is extremely happy to kick up the water so that he can watch it splash in the puddles. At Monmouth he likes to stand at the rail by the tunnel that leads from the paddock to the track.  It is there that he can get the best view of the horse’s feet moving or where he can lay face down and feel the cool linoleum floor.  My son Riley is eleven years old and he has autism.

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Matt Shifman, the man behind AndyScoggin, is a featured blogger covering NYRA and Monmouth Park for "Racing at the Jersey Shore" covers the racing scene at Monmouth Park and "A New York State of Racing" will discuss NYRA. Matt votes for the Top 10 Thoroughbreds in the NTRA Polls at www.NTRA/polls.
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