Day 72 – Friday, November 4, 2011 & Breeders’ Cup Day 1

Only three days left in the Monmouth meeting.  Post time for today’s eight race card is 12:15pm ET. The Place Pick 6 begins in the third race at 1:05pm ET. The Churchill Downs card does not start until 2:00pm and the Breeders’ Cup races begin at 4:10 ET.  There is a 50¢ Pick 5 at CD in races 1-5.

We are riding a two day Place Pick 6 winning streak, so let’s make it three today.  The ticket has a different shape today and costs $24.  Here is the preliminary PP6 play: 2 with 7(scr),1,11 with 3(scr),8,9 with 2, with 1,4,5,8 with 1,7,9. We were alive into the last leg but finished a closing third behind two long shots to finish with five out of 6.

Today is a day for lots of wagers. I will probably be playing the early Pick 5 at CD, the Pick 5 at MTH, the Breeders’ Cup Pick 4, and of course our PP6 ticket.  The best thing is that they are all 50¢ wagers!  I will be back with updates throughout the day.

MONMOUTH 50¢ PICK 5 for $36:

1,7(scr),11 with 8,9 with 2,4 with 4,5,6 with 1,7,9.  Three out of five in the MTH Pick 5 missing the first and last legs.

CHURCHILL DOWNS 50¢ PICK 5 for $60:                                                              

5,8,9 with 6 with 3,5,6,7 with 5,11 with 6

1,6 with 6 with 3,5,6,7 with 5,11 with 6

5,8,9 with 7,9 with 3,5,6,7 with 5,11 with 6

1,6 with 7,9 with 3,5,6,7 with 5,11 with 6

Knocked out of this Pick 5 in leg three and then made an early Pick 4 of:

3,4,5 with 1,5,10,11 with 6 with 4,5,10,12,14 for $30. That “I just got knocked out of the Pick 5” ticket paid $390 for 50¢.

BREEDERS’ CUP 50¢ PICK 4 for $70:

2,3,11,12 with 4,5,9,11,14 with 5 with 1,6,8

2,3,11,12 with 4,5,9,11,14 with 2,5,6,12 with 6

Knocked out of the late Pick 4 so I played a Pick 3 of: 4,9,10 with 2,5,6,12 with 1,2,6,8.

Don’t forget that my full Breeders’ Cup selections are listed in the previous post and at in my blog.


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